Le partenaire des concessionnaires       machine à traire et du froid à la ferme
The partner of milking machine & cold 's dealers

Dealer's Tool


  • To know his customers and the activity he has with each of them

  • To class his customers by sales plateforms

  • To define & monitor his prospecting efforts according to these sales plateforms

  • To plan visit to customers ( Technicians, Sellers )

  • To easily realise targeted mailing

  • To Know the commercial margin per sale deed and per product

  • To Know his stock situation, store and vehicle

  • To monitor the activity of technicians, fitters and sellers

  • To Know his situation per geographical sectors

  • To establish automatically his supply requests

  • To Facilitate his current management : Inventory, invoicing....

It is a real commitment


For the breeder ,it is to do the control of milking machine within 12 month and to buy liners at the dealership.

For the dealer, it is to thank the breeder at the end of the year by a purchase voucher.

The loyalty card

The Customer plateform

4 colors :


To put in place the efforts to increase its results.

Having a tariff of manpower compared to the degree of breeder loyalty


And all these automatically, without any seize again

Robot an opportunity


The profession of the Milking machine and Robot are completely different


Our concept Robot will bring you a best organization, objectives and essential requirements to exert well this new profession. The sellers will be guided , the technicians will have all the elements for Intervene ,  invoice and to make prevention.


It is indispensable


The technician needs a performant tool, which exceed the simple act of invoicing.

Customers to be visited

Every week, the technician have the list of customers to visit, these customers are all in phase of needs for consommables , none breeders are forgotten.
The technician is at his maximum of activity.


+ business = Best organisation

The Barcode

For invoice at counter, inventory, suppliers orders, fitters's  monitoring and for the technician it is very easy to find all his customers information...   

The balance sheet for each month


At the end of each month, it is very benefit to make the point with teams and make some ajustments if necessary.


Animate his team is essential

Generally speaking


SAVING TIME while having a tool enable in real time, to take the best decision.



1 objective

To increase

all the result of the


Your passeport for succes